Dobra škôlka je naša škôlka… Súkromná materská škola Christa Boteva


About us

The kindergarden is open  daily from  7:00 to 17:00 pm. If necessary, we can provide care for children and 17.hod. By accepting kindergarten children aged 3-6 years.

The big advantage is the small number of children in the classroom – the maximum number is fifteen, which allows for individual attention during teaching and learning process that takes place in the Bulgarian and Slovak. Thanks to our experienced teachers time children speak both languages perfectly. We meet two Slavic culture and therefore we are children of mutual tolerance, respect and the pursuit to help each other.

Our teachers have years of experience and always able to motivate children to perform better and appreciate them as well. Teaching takes the form of thematic units in the game and targeted activities. Support disposition and natural abilities of the child. We put emphasis on the development of individuals, but also on teamwork in a team.

As vital to the development of communication, which is the basis for building a good and rich vocabulary. Therefore, we support reading stories, narrative and their own self-presentation. We put emphasis on music, art and physical culture and healthy lifestyle.

Natural part of the work is to provide pre-school children to school outgoing. Focusing solely on the knowledge and training to the school, but particularly the education and cope with life situations, to child come to know its nature and learned to deal with different situations in life associated with it. The work is teaching English as desired by the parents.

In our kindergarten program in addition to organized activities include visits to a variety of events, performances, remembering traditional Bulgarian and Slovak holidays, birthday parties and the like.